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The Hoy Family has been very blessed to serve the Lord at Esta Memorial Baptist Church for over 50 years.

We have sung gospel music together for many years in one way or another. Paul Hoy, Ron's grand-dad, had a prayer of seeing his family sing and serve the Lord together. Although Papaw (Paul) Hoy has been in Heaven for many years, his prayer has been answered over and over. Paul's sons, CT and Paul (Kenny), sang in the Missionaires Quartet from Esta Baptist Church until 1990 when the Hoy Family Quartet was formed when CT's son, Ron married Peggy. As Ron and Peggy began having children, the joy of music did not diminish. All Ron and Peggy's children (Leah Hoy O'Neil, Sarah Hoy Davis and Logan Hoy) sing, and play instruments. They are now getting married and having children of their own! 

In addition to the WV branch of the Hoy Family, there is a North Carolina branch! Raymond Hoy (Kenny's son), his wife MeLisa, and their two children, Caleb and Bethany, attend Gospel Independent Baptist Church in Henderson, NC and sing together as a family. Caleb plays the piano, mandolin, guitar and bass. 

The Hoy's have also been blessed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ron Hoy was called to preach in 1996. He is a full time evangelist out of Esta Baptist Church.

CT Hoy is also an evangelist out of Esta Baptist Church. 

Raymond's son, Caleb Hoy, announced his call to preach at age twelve.

What a privelege to have a goodly heritage! Praise the Lord! 

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